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Our award-winning range of commercial and home platform lifts designed and built by the world leading Swedish lift manufacturer Aritco Lift AB, are manufactured with ease of installation, reliability and high quality in mind.

Whether it is in a shopping mall, a home, an office, a library or any other public building, our platform lifts are the perfect access solution.

Our platform lifts, driven by a safe and quiet screw and nut mechanism, are installed in just a couple of days with minimal disruption in the home or at work.

As the lift drive and control system are all enclosed within the self-contained lift shaft, a separate machine room or control cabinet is not required.

Our mission is to supply reliable platform lifts that are both elegant and functional, surpassing all standards for domestic, commercial and public access.

Aritco Lift installation
Aritco Lift Servicing

As Aritco platform lifts specialists, we are able to provide high quality lift products and services to our customers.

As you explore our product range, you will see our vision come to life.

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Outstanding design and comfort in the home with Aritco Home Lifts

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Quality and reliability for public and commercial buildings with Aritco Platform Lifts

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Keep your Platform Lift safe and operational with regular servicing

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As an official Aritco reseller we supply all parts for Aritco Lifts direct from the factory

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A selection of Aritco Home Lift and Public Lift installations

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Wyvern Lifts Case Studies


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